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Life Hack That Can Help You To Be Intentional About Your Personal Growth

I wanted to share some notes I took from the first chapter of the book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell. Chapter 1 is called “The Law of Intentionality,” and below you will find some of the notes I took from this first chapter on my quest to personal growth.

My hope is that as I go through this book and share what I am learning, it will in turn help you and inspire you to grow in your own personal life as well.

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3 Inspiring and Valuable Entrepreneur Videos

Every great entrepreneur from Walt Disney to Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban to Sir Richard Branson to Elon Musk all have something in common. They all faced adversities on their march to super star entrepreneur, but even so, they did not quit. Every challenge is a learning experience.

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Who Is This “Make Money From Home” Mystery Man?

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Do you mind doing me a quick favor? I’ve been doing some research on “How To Make Money From Home” and I came across this site. Can you go here and help me find out who this guy is? You won’t find out who this is right away. You’ll have to enter your email on this page, […]

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What Is The Dream Car You Want In Your Garage?

Every child has had at least one or played with a Hot Wheel toy. And there in starts the dream of one day owning one of these amazing dream cars in real life. Today we will talk about your dream car. If money was no object what car or cars would you have in your […]

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